Chart of the day: Where to buy the cheapest petrol in the big cities



May 17, 2018 10:15:34

It’s official — independent chains sell the cheapest petrol, at least in capital cities.

The independents were on average the lowest priced petrol retailers in the five largest capital cities, according to a report released by the Australian Competition Commission (ACCC) this week.

Coles Express was the most expensive.

The ACCC analysed average petrol prices for major retailers — those with 10 or more stations in each city — and small independent retailers, comparing them to the 2017 market average in each city.

Chart showing the difference between retailer average and market average petrol price for five major Australian cities.
Independent chains sell the cheapest petrol in biggest Australian cities.

Petrol prices vary by up to 10c a litre yet drivers don’t shop around, ACCC says

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