Migrant farm workers launch landmark $10m legal claim


In the legal claim, Ms Roqara alleges she was underpaid as much as $11,000 for four months work through both underpayment and unlawful deductions from her pay by Agri Labour.

After deductions for rent, food, airfares, transport and visas, the claim alleges, she was paid as little as $3.17 an hour. The five workers making the claim say they were underpaid up to $20,000 each for just four months work.

Agri Labour’s Casey Brown said his company had been “co-operating fully” with investigations into its conduct. He described the claims against it as ”false”.

“We are currently awaiting the findings of the Fair Work Ombudsman, and we remain confident that there will be no significant adverse findings against us.”

The Protecting Vulnerable Workers amendments to the Fair Work Act allow for massive penalties against employers that breach them.